Thursday, May 7, 2009


Today when it turned 9am and sleep still hadn't come I decided to go for a walk. I ended up at the Botanic gardens, which I have never been to despite living in the area for over 3 years. It was really nice. I spent at least half an hour in the big greenhouse pretending I was on holidays. It was so hot and the humidity was overwhelming. It was delicious. Although my hair went fucking mental and my camera fogged up.

I don't usually do stuff on my own anymore. I won't usually venture outside the house unless I have the prospect of someone to hang out with. I did however have Disfear, Descendents, Despise You and the Down and Outs to keep me company. Chris always gives out about listening to his ipod alphabetically, but I actually quite like it. I find the D's and the I's most enjoyable.

I'm watching this movie with Jack, it's really good so far.


xChrisx said...

Listening to mipod alphabetically can be annoying at times when im looking to listen to a specific track or band and it seriously takes half an hour to skip track by track to L.i was on J a few days ago but the fucking battery died and it went back to fucking A.Still i got Allegiance and Atari there so it aint all bad.

suburbanmayhem said...

Only went to the botanic gardens for the first time myself last year some time, and it is absolutely beautiful up there. I think we spent most of the time watching Leila chase squirrels around by the trees. Must go back soon.

"Network" is absolutely amazing, is this your first time seeing it? So good.Also, it's sampled on a bunch of 90s hardcore records, though I can't remember who exactly right now..

Ralphatron said...

It's all about the Ps man.