Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I got my car just over a year ago. Her name is Sunshine. This was not my choice, it was my sisters car for 3 years and she named it. When my sister starting working as a doctor, making €7billion a week, she gave the car to me.

At first I was bit distraught at the fact that the stereo only had a tape player. So before I got a connection for my MP3 player, which was seriously dodgey, I made tapes to listen to on my journeys. I got bored of this, but then OTHER people starting making me tapes, and that was awesome.

I love mixtapes. I think its awesome when somebody goes to the bother of making one for you, even though its so easy to cheat now, cuz you can just make a mix cd and then tape that, but even that is a lot of effort by my standards.

I got one from Chris, Ash and Fry. Fry's was disappointing to say the least (no offence, buddy). I was expecting amazing Funkacise hits, but in reality, it was just a few good tunes among a whole pile of crap. Chris and Ash's tapes were both awesome. Lots of other people promised tapes but they have yet to appear. I'm looking at you, Zach Golden.

Today I got a tape from Derry. I've been waiting for this one for a long time. A long, long time. And in true Derry form, it's not until I no longer have the use of Sunshine, and therefore no use for tapes, that I receive it. I love Derry with all my heart, but he is a tad bit useless. And I am an unappreciative bitch.

As I have mentioned previously, Sunshine is broken. She has been off the road for over 3 weeks, and I don't know if I'll ever drive her again. As sad as I am about saying goodbye to my first car, I am excited about the prospect of a new car. Daddy pretty much said he'd buy me one. Yes, you heard me. Daddy's buying me a new car. I feel spoiled rotten, and I'm loving it.

I asked my mum could I borrow her bike while Sunshine is off the road, because I despise getting the bus, and she said no. Her reason was because she didn't want it stolen or damaged or lost, and then made up ridiculous lies about how she uses her bike all the time to cycle to Howth to buy fish. I don't know why my mother thinks that I destroy everything I come into contact with, but in any case, I'm still getting buses. I'm kind of used to getting the bus again. Although I still hate it with a firey passion.

I was in town yesterday and Chris was buying christmas presents for people. I got a bit unnerved because christmas is not far off and I have no job or prospects of money for christmas presents. Ok, christmas is fuckin ages away, but shopping in december is the worst shit ever.

Derry keeps telling me what I can buy him for christmas. Flannel pyjamas is the most recent one. For some reason, the thought of buying my boyfriend flannel pyjamas for christmas makes me feel horribly old. I feel like I should be calling him my partner and never having sex.

I don't want to get old.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


My sleep cycle, as most of my friends are aware, is completely fucked. I haven't been to bed before 5am or up before 3pm, in weeks. So tonight, when 6am rolled around, and the children's programmes started, I decided tonight is the night that I'm just gonna stay up, to try and knock myself back into a regular routine.

I'm currently watching 50 Cutest Child Stars - All Grown Up. I started watching this purely from lack of anything else on, but it has turned out to be pretty educational.

For example, I just found out that Cory from Boy Meets World and Kevin from The Wonder Years are brothers. What the fuck?? Was this common knowledge among the rest of you? I'm genuinely interested here, so please let me know. Personally, I had no idea.

I was supposed to go see Evil Dead 2 today, which was on as part of the Horrorthon in the IFI, but myself and Derry didn't make it into town on time. I was mega bummed. Seeing your favourite movies on the big screen is awesome. I'm gonna go to Dawn of the Dead on monday, I think. I saw Night of the Living Dead in the IFI this time two years ago.

I am a bit tired at this stage. Probably gonna fall asleep in a while and fuck up my sleep cycle even more. Sigh.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The eyes are the nipples of the face.

The House Bunny - 5/10

This isn't a film I wanted to see, but Robb asked me and Derry to go, and I love convincing Der to go to movies I know he'll hate, although I don't know why. It was surprisingly hilarious. I hate Anna Faris a tiny bit less. Just a teeny, tiny bit. She is the fucking spit of Britney Spears. That has nothing to do with me hating her, just that I only noticed it today.

Anyway, this movie is basically about how life is only good if you are hot, but you don't have to be hot and stupid, you can be hot and smart. Or something along those lines. Wonderfully shallow stuff.

It's only getting 5/10 because although there was some brilliant one-liners and really hilarious bits, the story itself was a bit shit, it got really lame at the end, and there was too much slap-stick comedy with Anna Faris just being a dope and falling over and stuff.

In other news, I got up at 15:30 today. My life is a sham. I need to get a job before I kill myself purely from being completely useless. I HAVE NO USE. I also have no cash.

Hopefully something will come up soon.


I went to see Burn After Reading today. Fuck it was so good. 10/10. I never give films 10 out of 10. I've changed my mind. 9 and a half. I don't know why I'm taking off that half.

I would fully back the Coen brothers if it wasn't for that film Intolerable Cruelty they did a few years ago. That was shit.

Next film I am super excited for would probably be Choke. There was a trailer for it before the movie today. I read the book by Chuck Palahniuk last year and it is so good. I love Chuck Palahniuk. Fight Club, Choke and Survivor are my favourites, in that order, but I hate that book Diary. Loads of people seem to bum that one, but I seriously hated it.

I am getting really fucked off with Cineworld. Every time I have gone to the cinema recently, my Unlimited card hasn't worked. It's getting really annoying. Actually it was really annoying the first time. At this stage it is fucking ridiculous. I'm sick of being put on the phone, being on hold, confirming my bank details, filling out the form for a complimentary ticket, being told my card would be fine from now on, and repeating the whole stupid process again the next time round. It makes me not want to go to the cinema anymore, and going to the cinema is my favourite.

For those of you who might possibly care, Freddy is gone. He was with us for about a month, and I am sad that he has left. I hope that he has moved on to greener pastures or a nicer windowsill, and I seriously hope he is not dead.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Cyndi Lauper

I got a last minute ticket to go see Cyndi Lauper yesterday. The buzz was had. She was incredible! I got a ticket from a girl who I've met a few times, but don't know very well, and she invited me up to her gaff to have some pre-Cyndi drinks, which was fun. I am mad shy, but I love it when you can just go hang with people you don't know very well and just have the buzz and be made feel totally welcome and stuff. It's nice.

I think my being shy isn't like I'm scared of people I don't know, but more that I am just really REALLY shit at making conversation. I am so jealous of people who can just talk to the fuckin wall about anything that pops into their head. I seriously fail at conversation. Words are not my forte.

But anyway, back to Cyndi. Wow. Some people were giving out afterward that the set was too short. She played for an hour and a half. That's fuckin ages! What more do ya want? She's 50-somethin for fucks sake. And I have to say I think she is way hotter now than she was back in the day with her orange hair.

In other news, Joebreaker is the man. But never encourage him to drink vodka straight, or he will puke in your vicinity.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Knacker drinking.

Knacker drinking is the best shit ever. We have two of the Welshie girls staying my house right now, so we decided to bring them for a night out, Dub-style. Basically, we got some cans and headed out to Dun Laoghaire pier for a couple hours.

For most dublin teens, knacker drinkin was an integral part of growing up. I for one seriously missed out on this phase of development. My ma was super strict until I got to 6th year, and I was barely allowed out of the house. The only times I went on the knack was maybe on halloween a couple times. My point is, I still think it's a big adventure, and I wish it wasn't October. I hate October.

When I started going to the institute in 5th year there was this one pub that we went to on Camden St. It was a complete dive called "Da 2", and every friday for the first month or so of school we would all head over at about 2 in the afternoon, get fuckin locked during happy hour, then I'd usually get home by 8 and tell my mam I was studying after school. Sound.
Unfortunately, our school principal got wind of this and started showing up in the pub on a friday which kind of ruined the buzz, and then the place started getting raided by the police, and eventually shut down, because we were of course all underage, so that was that.

Sixth year came along and I started going to Doran's and 5 years later, it is still pretty much the only place I go. I have serious love for Doran's. I am happy that people have gotten into going there again.

My car is still off the road, two weeks later, cuz my da is too lazy to come and help me tow it. This is something I cannot do by myself no matter how much I'd like to. I didn't leave my house for about a week, but the last few days I have been venturing out on the bus, which at first was the worst thing in the world, but the day before yesterday I had such amazing deja vu. I got off the bus and it was really cold, I was listening to pop-punk, I lit up a cigarette and started heading straight for Heavenly. It actually felt like I had just gone back in time by 3 years, it was so strange. It just sounds stupid now that I've written it down, but at the time I just could not stop smiling.

Stargate SG1 is such a good show.

I shouldn't write blogs when I'm drunk.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Just a few weeks ago I got back from my summer holiday. I went on a month long trip. It went a little something like this:

Dublin - L.A. - Santa Barbara - San Francisco - Vancouver - Vancouver Island - Whistler - Seattle - Vancouver - Glasgow - Dublin.

During this time I went to a 3 day hardcore fest, rode a Segway, ziplined down a mountain, conquered my fear of heights on a really frickin high up suspension bridge, saw a grizzly bear, some real-life-out-in-the-wild killer whales, sea lions, 2 bald eagles, saw LOADS of pugs, captained a boat, drove a moped around Victoria, went to a mountain bike festival, a cheese festival, saw people hurl themselves down a mountain after a block of cheese, went white-water-rafting, saw the Golden Gate bridge and the Space Needle, the very first Starbucks and R2D2. Ate loads of food. Had some fuckin good times.

I have been home for 6 weeks, and have 98% of my time sitting on my couch watching t.v.

I am slowly but surely losing my mind.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Went to see this in Cineworld today. WHAT A PIECE OF CRAP. Terrible storyline, some really cringeworthy lines. Awful C.G.I. This one bit especially where Kiefer Sutherland is supposed to be on fire, and it is just sooo badly done. Fuck. What a waste of my life.

I'm giving it a four out of ten and its only getting those four because I was sufficiently terrified for the first half of the movie.

I cannot handle paranormal shit in movies. Scares the bejeesus outta me. Scariest movie I ever saw was The Haunting. For real. It was rated 12. I don't understand. I can handle gore and slashers and all kinds of scarey shit but when it comes to ghosts and spirits and haunted stuff, I freak the fuck out.

Looking forward to seeing Burn After Reading, out on Friday!

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Twin Peaks

I just finished it. Fuck, the last episode is intense. I am a mess of mixed feelings right now. I think I was naive to hope for a happy ending.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Punk Rock Debs!

Best fun ever! If you weren't there, you SUCK.

Went to Doran's after and somebody stole my leopardprint coat. WHO STEALS A COAT??
Fucking cunts.

My house has been taken over by a horde of tattooists/tattooees. Good times are being had, but I am seriously enjoying a bit of Laura Time right now while everybody else is gone to the beach.

Still desperately in need of a job. Help a girl out.

That is all.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Lost Boys

What a fuckin movie.

Thursday, October 9, 2008



Christmas in October.

It's October and I just ordered somebodies christmas present.

I do this every fucking year, I start buying christmas presents in October, and by the time christmas finally comes along, the person has already bought it for themselves, or found it in my room, or I get too impatient and give it to them early, or see something better that they would have preferred.

Every year I tell myself not to do it again, but I very rarely take my my own advice.

Christmas decorations are going to start being put up in the next couple weeks and I'm gonna get really pissed off about it. People are always saying that christmas comes but once a year, but nowadays with all the decorations going up before we even get past Halloween, the christmas season spreads over two months which is an entire sixth of a year, so personally I don't see what the big deal is.

I hate christmas.

I hate christmas shopping.

I hate that I just said christmas 10 times.

Fuck Christmas.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


How to Lose Friends And Alienate People - 6/10

I went to see this is Cineworld today with Iano and Jack. I had seen some trailers for it, which didn't make it look great, so I had some mild negative assumptions, and I had also heard a lot of people saying they thought it was shit, but I was still dying to see it because the main character was being played Simon Pegg.

For those of you who don't know, I am mildly obsessed with Simon Pegg. I fell in love with him while watching Spaced a few years ago, and have been smitten ever since.

I am also a big fan of Kirsten Dunst, after her roles in some of my favourite movies, like The Virgin Suicides, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Bring It On, Eternal Sunshine... and of course Interview With A Vampire when she was only wee.

So anyway, despite not having high hopes for this movie, I actually thoroughly enjoyed it.
Its loosely based on the memoir of Toby Young, and follows a man's blossoming career as a journalist. Basically, Simon Pegg moves to New York and tries to get stuck into all the ladies.

This movie delivers the lols, especially the spoof trailer in it for Megan Fox's character's new movie, 'Teresa - The Making of a Saint'.

"The faith is strong in this one."

I love how there is always Star Wars references in Simon Pegg movies. I also think it's cool that he got to work with Gillian Anderson, because he's a big fan of hers and of The X Files.
There isn't too many laugh-out-loud parts, and the ending seems a bit rushed, but it's an overall feel-good film. Simon Pegg is his usual adorable self. I'd probably give it a 6/10.

I saw two amazing movies recently, The Chaser and Taken. Both involve similar plots, involving the themes of the sex-trade industry, kidnapping and a manhunt, but are very different stylistically.

The Chaser - 8.5/10

I dig South Korean movies as they usually tend to be gory as fuck and rarely have a happy ending. Some notable Korean films would be the Vengeance Trilogy by director Chan-Wook Park, and also A Tale Of Two Sisters.

The Chaser
is a thriller about a dirty-cop-turned-pimp, whose girls are going missing one by one. It is established that the girls are being murdered, and although the murderer is caught early on in the film, they don't have enough evidence to hold him, and a desperate struggle begins to prove that this man is the killer, and to find one of the girls that may still be alive.

This film is not as gory as some of its Korean predecessors, but I still felt pretty sick and unhappy when it was over. I love when films affect you physically. In my eyes, this film is a triumph for first-time director Hong-jin Na, and I look forward to his next film The Murderer out next year.

Taken is about a girl who goes to Paris and gets kidnapped and sold into the sex trade industry. Her da just happens to be Liam Neeson, and and also an ex-C.I.A. agent and he legs it to Paris and tries to find his daughter, killing 27 people along the way. This is a kick ass movie.

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Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm sick.

I'm feeling pretty shitty today so I'm having a sofa day, being a waster, as per usual. There's a new series of the Hills starting tonight so MTV have been showing back-to-back episodes of the last series all day long. So far I've watched ten and a half episodes, and I can literally feel my brain melting. I don't understand why I like this show. I really don't. I spent so long hating it but it eventually just grew on me. It's such a terrible show.

Iano came over and watched some episodes with me, as he is a fellow Hills appreciator, and we talked about wonderfully shallow things like how much we hate Spencer and Lo, which girls we think are the hottest and whether or not Justin Bobby is hotter since he cut his hair.

While Iano was here, he pointed out that its been a whole year today since the last Bartown show. It really freaks me out how quickly the last few years have gone by. I'm gonna be 22 soon, and I know this is gonna sound retarded, but I'm starting to feel really fuckin old. I have this really ominous feeling that its all downhill from here.

It doesn't help that I haven't been doing anything recently. I have been trying so fucking hard to get a job, but nowhere will hire me. My mumsy says its the recession, which seems to be everybodies favourite thing to moan about these days. I need a job so bad. Having nothing to do all day is driving me crazy, especially since I have no money.

I couldn't afford to go to Nottingham this weekend which really bummed me out. Although I did have an awesome time playing Singstar in Kayliegh's house last night. That game rules. And I have mad skillz, yo.

I missed Darragh's party on Fridaay night because my car broke down on the side of the M50 which was fucking terrifying. Sunshine is dead. I think there is a leak in the radiator or something.

Its getting all wintery and cold out, which I think is making me cranky. I am sad the summer is over. It was definitely the best summer of my life. It stomped all over 2005. I had such an awesome time. Not seeing Derry for two months reeeeally sucked, but I went on some awesome trips and saw amazing places.

This blog is really moany. Oh well.

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