Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The eyes are the nipples of the face.

The House Bunny - 5/10

This isn't a film I wanted to see, but Robb asked me and Derry to go, and I love convincing Der to go to movies I know he'll hate, although I don't know why. It was surprisingly hilarious. I hate Anna Faris a tiny bit less. Just a teeny, tiny bit. She is the fucking spit of Britney Spears. That has nothing to do with me hating her, just that I only noticed it today.

Anyway, this movie is basically about how life is only good if you are hot, but you don't have to be hot and stupid, you can be hot and smart. Or something along those lines. Wonderfully shallow stuff.

It's only getting 5/10 because although there was some brilliant one-liners and really hilarious bits, the story itself was a bit shit, it got really lame at the end, and there was too much slap-stick comedy with Anna Faris just being a dope and falling over and stuff.

In other news, I got up at 15:30 today. My life is a sham. I need to get a job before I kill myself purely from being completely useless. I HAVE NO USE. I also have no cash.

Hopefully something will come up soon.

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xChrisx said...

I laughed soooo hard at some of those jokes.Good call with the movie.