Monday, October 20, 2008

Cyndi Lauper

I got a last minute ticket to go see Cyndi Lauper yesterday. The buzz was had. She was incredible! I got a ticket from a girl who I've met a few times, but don't know very well, and she invited me up to her gaff to have some pre-Cyndi drinks, which was fun. I am mad shy, but I love it when you can just go hang with people you don't know very well and just have the buzz and be made feel totally welcome and stuff. It's nice.

I think my being shy isn't like I'm scared of people I don't know, but more that I am just really REALLY shit at making conversation. I am so jealous of people who can just talk to the fuckin wall about anything that pops into their head. I seriously fail at conversation. Words are not my forte.

But anyway, back to Cyndi. Wow. Some people were giving out afterward that the set was too short. She played for an hour and a half. That's fuckin ages! What more do ya want? She's 50-somethin for fucks sake. And I have to say I think she is way hotter now than she was back in the day with her orange hair.

In other news, Joebreaker is the man. But never encourage him to drink vodka straight, or he will puke in your vicinity.