Sunday, October 5, 2008

I'm sick.

I'm feeling pretty shitty today so I'm having a sofa day, being a waster, as per usual. There's a new series of the Hills starting tonight so MTV have been showing back-to-back episodes of the last series all day long. So far I've watched ten and a half episodes, and I can literally feel my brain melting. I don't understand why I like this show. I really don't. I spent so long hating it but it eventually just grew on me. It's such a terrible show.

Iano came over and watched some episodes with me, as he is a fellow Hills appreciator, and we talked about wonderfully shallow things like how much we hate Spencer and Lo, which girls we think are the hottest and whether or not Justin Bobby is hotter since he cut his hair.

While Iano was here, he pointed out that its been a whole year today since the last Bartown show. It really freaks me out how quickly the last few years have gone by. I'm gonna be 22 soon, and I know this is gonna sound retarded, but I'm starting to feel really fuckin old. I have this really ominous feeling that its all downhill from here.

It doesn't help that I haven't been doing anything recently. I have been trying so fucking hard to get a job, but nowhere will hire me. My mumsy says its the recession, which seems to be everybodies favourite thing to moan about these days. I need a job so bad. Having nothing to do all day is driving me crazy, especially since I have no money.

I couldn't afford to go to Nottingham this weekend which really bummed me out. Although I did have an awesome time playing Singstar in Kayliegh's house last night. That game rules. And I have mad skillz, yo.

I missed Darragh's party on Fridaay night because my car broke down on the side of the M50 which was fucking terrifying. Sunshine is dead. I think there is a leak in the radiator or something.

Its getting all wintery and cold out, which I think is making me cranky. I am sad the summer is over. It was definitely the best summer of my life. It stomped all over 2005. I had such an awesome time. Not seeing Derry for two months reeeeally sucked, but I went on some awesome trips and saw amazing places.

This blog is really moany. Oh well.

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