Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I went to see Burn After Reading today. Fuck it was so good. 10/10. I never give films 10 out of 10. I've changed my mind. 9 and a half. I don't know why I'm taking off that half.

I would fully back the Coen brothers if it wasn't for that film Intolerable Cruelty they did a few years ago. That was shit.

Next film I am super excited for would probably be Choke. There was a trailer for it before the movie today. I read the book by Chuck Palahniuk last year and it is so good. I love Chuck Palahniuk. Fight Club, Choke and Survivor are my favourites, in that order, but I hate that book Diary. Loads of people seem to bum that one, but I seriously hated it.

I am getting really fucked off with Cineworld. Every time I have gone to the cinema recently, my Unlimited card hasn't worked. It's getting really annoying. Actually it was really annoying the first time. At this stage it is fucking ridiculous. I'm sick of being put on the phone, being on hold, confirming my bank details, filling out the form for a complimentary ticket, being told my card would be fine from now on, and repeating the whole stupid process again the next time round. It makes me not want to go to the cinema anymore, and going to the cinema is my favourite.

For those of you who might possibly care, Freddy is gone. He was with us for about a month, and I am sad that he has left. I hope that he has moved on to greener pastures or a nicer windowsill, and I seriously hope he is not dead.


Robb Edge said...

You need to pick better titles for your blogs. RIP Spiderman.

pentagrimes said...

I had no idea there was a film of "choke", I'm actually reading it at the moment so I'm curious now..