Sunday, January 30, 2011


Weekly update. This week sucked. We didn't do much. But lets focus on the good...

I got an amazing package from home filled with treats, presents, zines, books, artistic softcore porn and, best of all, long letters which I've read about ten times. Oh, and a copy of the Metro Herald. It's important to keep up with Irish current events with some high quality journalism.

To distract ourselves from the boredom of unemloyment, Derry and I have been seriously taking advantage the free coffee refills in Mr. Donut. Coffee and a donut for €3 + free refills + a place to hang out = hours of entertainment. In our time there we've managed to come up with a 5 year plan, which is exciting. I've never had goals before, but now I feel like I have something to work towards ie. a career and my dream house. I'm such a grown up.

I had a lesson with my private student which went well and he's paid me in advance for the next month, which is my first bit of income since arriving in Japan. Chaching.
Derry is out partying with NDT for their last night in Japan. I have my first day of work in the preschool tomorrow, so I'm home alone and I have to go to bed now. Here's hoping I wake up on time.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hey Darragh

Darragh asked me to update this blog more. It's true, I've been terrible. It's so much easier to just throw some photos up on my tumblr. But I'm going to try to do this weekly for anyone who might care.

This week I went to the immigration office and applied for my working visa. It was a bit scary, I was nervous they would deport me on the spot, haha. Luckily, my school sent their secretary Yukari with me so she did all the talking and most of the paperwork and I just stood there and smiled a lot, trying not to look threatening. I wanted to take some photos of the immigration office, but I thought Yukari might think I was a bit weird. Maybe next time.

I found myself a private student and had my first lesson with him yesterday. He was super nice and defo seemed more nervous than me which made me feel a bit better. I'm looking forward to finally putting all my teaching skills into action! Also, it's my first bit of income since reaching Japan, so that's exciting.

Riot Cafe, Koenji

Nuclear Death Terror came over this week. Derry knows Cormy from home so we went and met up with them for a few drinks on Wednesday night in Riot Cafe in Koenji. It was a fun place. Some guy who I think is the owner or the manager or something sat down with us, he was so funny and a bit crazy, and all the members of NDT were super nice too.

Anata wa loco desu.

After Riot Cafe, I cycled over to Faye's new gaff to drink hot sake and have hilarious chats with herself and Ryuta. Faye lived with us until last week, and has now moved into an apartment just around the corner. Hot sake is vile, but I'm told I'll grow to love it.

Zone-B is a venue in Waseda that I mentioned on my Tumblr. Having been to four gigs here in the last 2 weeks, myself and Derry now feel like regulars. Which is awesome. Although, feeling at home here, strangely enough, makes me miss home a bit more. It's nice to be able to go to gigs though, despite being broke as SHIT. We went to the first two because they were cheap (500yen) and then we managed to score getting in free to both NDT shows this week. I wouldn't have been able to go otherwise, the gig last night was 2800yen on the door (about €26).

I cycled down the last couple of times to save on train fares, it's maybe about 30 mins away by bike (at least while I'm still this unfit). However last night Derry and our friend Kate missed the last train, so I walked home with them to show them the way, and what with the drunkenness, the hills and the pit stop in Mac Donalds (where we pissed everyone off by being loud, obnoxious foreigners), it must have taken almost 2 hours to walk, haha.

One awesome thing about gigs here....BYOB! It's completely grand to bring your own booze in. We had heard about this ages ago but didn't know how true it was. The first couple gigs we were so sketchy about it, but yesterday I walked in drinking a can. People be fuckin' drinking naggins of whiskey right beside the bar. It's awesome. And it completely justifies the drink charge, I suppose.

Nuclear Death Terror

NDT were so good both nights. Other awesome bands were Fuck on the Beach, Unkind and Unarm. It's fun to see new bands at every gig, although also really hard to keep track of who you've seen etc. Some of the shows have such massive line-ups. The gig last sunday had 12 bands playing, and the one last night had 8.


We've met lots of cool people
. Everybody is so friendly. We met Kazu for the first time this week, although Der has been in contact with him for a while. When we first came over he would email Der to tell us when good gigs were on. He is the guy that put out that Tunguska record over here a few years ago. I think. Lovely dude, although I make him act as translator far too often when I am drunk.

Derry & Kazu

I've mentioned So a few times before, we met him in our first week here. He is a such a good dude. He put on the show on Thursday and he let us come in for free because he knows how broke we are :)

Derry, So & Kate

Kate is from Ohio. She is an English teacher and lives in Chiba which is the opposite side of the city. She's a lot of fun. As nice as all the Japanese people are, it's fun to have somebody to buzz with, without the ever present language barrier.

Things have really picked up recently. It's good to have made some friends outside of the house and have somewhat of a social life. We're defo in with all the punx now, haha.
My family have discovered how broke I am, and I think are gonna send me some cash so I'm hopefully gonna go see Floorpunch next week, which I think will be a nice change of pace from all the gigs we've been to so far. It's really expensive though :(

I think I might be a little homesick sometimes, especially when I get really bored, although I try to convince myself I'm not. Sometimes I get the kind of feeling like I've stayed too late at a friends house, or I've been in town all day and I'm tired and it's time to be getting home, and then I remember that I am home, this is home, for at least the next year. It's a weird one. This is the longest I've ever been away from Ireland before, although it's gone by super quick.
I just have one more week before I start working, so that'll solve the issues of boredom and brokeness, and I can go straight to moaning about having to work all the time.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lame 2010 recap.

My little nephew was born - Cillian Thompson.

I started and finished the blasted thesis and finally graduated college (with honours, yah).

I worked in Topshop which is honestly the only job I've ever enjoyed.

I lived in the most beautiful house with the most beautiful kitty cat.

I went on an adventure to Thailand and Laos, where I learned how to travel without complaining, how to give up feeling safe and clean, how to party, and that Ciara D. is awesome.

I got to spend 2 months in Warren St. and finally make up for the summer of 2007.

I finally made the move to Japan, in the most reckless and scary manner possible, without a job or a visa, and it was terrifying, but things are working out and I love it here (although I'll love it a lot more when I'm making all the money).

Myself and Derry celebrated our four year anniversary, our first Mexican Christmas and rang in the new year together, and regardless of how much I tell him I hate him, I honestly couldn't be happier that he's still around.

Special shout out to Jack. In the last year we went from ex-roomies to study buddies to The-Office-watching-pizza-eating-stop-motion-thesis-writing whizkids to yoga partners to next door neighbours with a super-fun trip to London along the way.