Saturday, January 31, 2009


I have finally conquered vegan cupcakes. YOSSS.

I ate so much I think I might vom.

Job interview tomorrow, fingers crossed.

In the meantime my sister is gonna pay me to clean her house.

My American dream is back on the cards.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pressure's on.

I'm going on the biggest job hunt of my life tomorrow. If nothing comes out of it, I will officially give up hope.

Last weekend was class. Chris heatbutted me in the nose and Eddie punched me in the face. What more could a girl ask for.

Save Your Breath and Rich are such awesome dudes and I feel a bit bad that I missed both their gigs. Whoops.

Cooking is my new favourite hobby, now that weather is seriously putting me off jogging. Butternut squash chips are delicious. I'm gonna try make chicken noodle soup tomorrow, and some cakes for Derry's brithday bash even though last time I tried to make vegan cupcakes they just tasted like bread.

I booked flights for London in March regardless of the fact that I haven't got a cent to my name.

I finally bought an Mbox today, after saying that I'm going to for the last two years. Again, with my no money. Hurray for credit cards and Derry paying half. Hopefully I will use my infinite free time on learning how to use pro-tools properly. I've been doing it in college for like 3 years at this stage, but haven't bothered learning to do anything apart from fading in and out. And adding loads of reverb.

I really, really hope I get a job this week. Fear is setting in. I fucking hate how stressful not having money is. I'll keep myself distracted for another while anyway.

Currently listening to: Trap Them - Sleepwell Deconstructor.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Disneyland - Take 2!!

So my mum rings me up the other day looking for a favour, which usually means she wants me to give the kids a lift somewhere/help with homework/do all the santa shopping etc. But this time the "favour" she's asking me to do is bring my younger siblings to Disneyland. They've been hassling her to take them for ages to bring them but she's not arsed so I'm really "helping her out".

I used go away on a lil trip every couple of months, thanks the the joys of Ryanair, but due to my inability to get a job, I haven't been away since I got back from Canada last August. So this is the best shit ever. I'm so stoked. Even though I have to go with my siblings, and I went to disneyland last year and it's not as amazing as I had dreamed all my life.
Just thinking about planning what to bring and packing one of my new bags and my new vanity case that I got for christmas, and getting a plane and going to stay in a hotel with a swimming pool and getting to go on ALL THE ROLLERCOASTERS unlike last time, arrrgh it's just too exciting!!!

So I'm going in like 3 and a half weeks and I'm staying in this here mad snazzy hotel:

Best thing about it... BUFFET BREAKFAST! In France, the fucking land of chocolate crossaints!! I'm gonna eat ALL the food. Actually no, the best thing is that my parents are paying for it. I actually couldn't be more excited. I feel so spoiled. AND THEY THINK I'M DOING THEM A FAVOUR.

Best of all this is totally distracting me from the fact that I have still had no luck on the job front. Things are really starting to look pretty bleak and I'm doing my best not to give up all hope of getting to go on my loooong awaited J1. Argh.

Anyways. Life rules. So does breakfast. In my efforts to be more productive I've been spending a lot more time cooking and making delicious food. I've been spoiling Derry rotten. This morning I made a full vegan fry-up, yesterday I made vegan pancakes, and the day before I made vegan grilled cheese bagels (I was starting out slow). I'm thinking french toast tomorrow.

I've also been working really hard on trying to eat like a normal person. Today I ate mushrooms, onion and butternut squash. I don't think I've ever eaten three vegetables in one day before. There has been very, very, VERY few days in my life that I've eaten even one vegetable. I'm making a huge effort to wean myself onto them. Last year I began eating jalapenos (only from the cinema), and I have since moved onto chili peppers (which I now put in EVERYTHING) and... well yeah that's pretty much it. 2 vegetables. Wahoo! So today was great progress.

Jogging is not going well, I think I'm getting unfitter. But I reckon it's a lot to do with the shitty weather. It's hard to push yourself to go another lap or whatever when there's rain in your eyes and the cold is making your chest hurt and your nose is running like crazy and the wind feels like it's slapping you in the face. But at least I haven't quit yet!

Someone get me a job please and then my life will be complete.

And listen to Think I Care and then your life will be complete.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Still going...

I'm still jogging, so the phase lasted more than two weeks. Fuck yeah!

My parents made me go see a physiotherapist yesterday. I have had a funny knee for the last I-don't-know-how-many years, and my parents freaked when they heard how much I was jogging because apparently it's really bad for your knees. They keep telling me to go power-walking instead... Not happening.

So I went anyway and even though I've never had major problems with my knee, I managed to convince myself that yer man would tell me that not only could i never run again, but I could also never walk and that my knee was in fact made of playdough and they would have to amputate it and attach my feet to my femurs like the granda in King of the Hill.

Luckily this didn't happen. Apparently I don't have a dodgey knee at all, but I do have slightly fallen arches and tight quadriceps which is causing my knee cap to slightly pop in and out of where it should be positioned. I just need to get some special insoles and do some excercises to loosen my quads and we should be right as rain!

I'm really pleased with how things are going. All my clothes fit me again.

My super-posi buzz unfortunately didn't last and I spent most of this week being cranky. I still have no job which is getting kind of scarey because if I don't get one in the next few weeks, there is no way I'm going to be able to pay for my J1 on time.

My brain kind of stopped working this week. I keep making the stupidest mistakes and keep fucking shit up. Probably the worst of the bunch was when I was parking in college on wednesday and I just 100% forgot to hit the brakes and drove straight into the car parked in front of me. It was so retarded. I just sat there for a few mins wondering what the fuck just happened. Luckily it was a jeep and had one of those metal bar things at the back of it so I didn't damage it at all, and my car isn't too badly hurt, just fucked up the paint a bit. But still, WHO FORGETS TO STOP??

Ah well.

It's Mags' birthday today. She is lovely. I am excited about going out tonight as I haven't seen her or Laila in far too long.

I'm going to go into River Island today and beg them to give me my job back.

Currently listening to : Derry snoring.

Monday, January 12, 2009


I haven't felt this good about life in a long time.


Derry's home tomorrow. Yaaaay. He's not gonna recognise me.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Things I need in my life

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Turn It Around

I started writing a 2008 blog in November but I never bothered finishing or publishing it. I'm not bothered now, it's a week into 2009, nobody cares about 2008 anymore, fuck it, it's in the past. Good year though. Best year. I had an even better summer than the infamous '05 I reckon. Didn't think it was possible, but there ya go.

I got to thinking recently and I'm annoyed with myself for ultimately wasting the last four months of my life. I spent 90% of my time sitting on my couch moping about not having a job and eating all the food. All I have achieved in this time is getting really chunky and watching season 3 of Grey's Anatomy, cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model, both seasons of Gossip Girl, all seasons of the Hills and pretty much all of Sex and the City. Productive!

So, I'm trying to sort my life out. I've started doing college work again with the hope of finally getting into third year.
I've started jogging again, and I am seriously shocked by how much difference I can feel in my fitness after only 2 weeks.
I'm trying to eat healthy cuz I put on a stone this year and I intend on losing it before I go to America.
I'm in the process of cleaning my room; GIANT task. I've been at it for days and it's only about half done.
I've been making sure the house stays clean. The boys have been very good this week and I am mega proud of them. Yes, I am the mammy.

I haven't quit smoking, nor do I intend to for the moment, cuz I think quitting smoking is one of the hardest things ever and it takes all my focus, so I can't really try and do that while trying to do all this other junk.These aren't new years resolutions because I think new years resolutions are bullshit. I just don't want to feel like a complete waster anymore.

I still don't really have a job but I am temping a bit so hopefully I'll be able to make the money I need for my J1.

More about yogging. I seriously miss my gym membership. I was a member up until May and I frickin loved it. I love the treadmill and the cross-trainer. I always get a little competitive on these machines, and will always try to go a little faster/for a little longer than whoever I'm at the gym with, or if I was on my own, I would just choose a randomer to secretly compete with.

Going out for a jog in the middle of frickin winter is a different story altogether. It takes a lot for me to be able to make myself walk out the front door with this intention. I went to the Nike outlet and bought some new running shoes to make me want to jog. I'm really bad for this kind of thing, I need something material to make me want to do things eg. to motivate myself to clean my room, I bought new bedsheets. They are lovely.

Recently though, Chris has taken to jogging with me, and this week Lally joined in the fun also. I really like jogging with these guys. Chris is really good at making me push myself, and Lally makes me feel better about myself because she's just as unfit as I am. Chris moshes like a madman while he's jogging because he has ten times more energy than myself and Lally combined.

I applied for, and had started to train for the Women's Mini Marathon last year, with Áine. I didn't do it in the end. Áine had to pull out because she booked a holiday, and I wouldn't do it on my own cuz I'm a pussy. I'm not gonna be able to do it this year because I'll be gone to America, but it is my personal mission to be able to run 10km by the time I go away. I only got up to 4km last time I was training. Dang.

This phase will probably last another 2 weeks at most. If even.