Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pressure's on.

I'm going on the biggest job hunt of my life tomorrow. If nothing comes out of it, I will officially give up hope.

Last weekend was class. Chris heatbutted me in the nose and Eddie punched me in the face. What more could a girl ask for.

Save Your Breath and Rich are such awesome dudes and I feel a bit bad that I missed both their gigs. Whoops.

Cooking is my new favourite hobby, now that weather is seriously putting me off jogging. Butternut squash chips are delicious. I'm gonna try make chicken noodle soup tomorrow, and some cakes for Derry's brithday bash even though last time I tried to make vegan cupcakes they just tasted like bread.

I booked flights for London in March regardless of the fact that I haven't got a cent to my name.

I finally bought an Mbox today, after saying that I'm going to for the last two years. Again, with my no money. Hurray for credit cards and Derry paying half. Hopefully I will use my infinite free time on learning how to use pro-tools properly. I've been doing it in college for like 3 years at this stage, but haven't bothered learning to do anything apart from fading in and out. And adding loads of reverb.

I really, really hope I get a job this week. Fear is setting in. I fucking hate how stressful not having money is. I'll keep myself distracted for another while anyway.

Currently listening to: Trap Them - Sleepwell Deconstructor.

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