Saturday, January 1, 2011

Lame 2010 recap.

My little nephew was born - Cillian Thompson.

I started and finished the blasted thesis and finally graduated college (with honours, yah).

I worked in Topshop which is honestly the only job I've ever enjoyed.

I lived in the most beautiful house with the most beautiful kitty cat.

I went on an adventure to Thailand and Laos, where I learned how to travel without complaining, how to give up feeling safe and clean, how to party, and that Ciara D. is awesome.

I got to spend 2 months in Warren St. and finally make up for the summer of 2007.

I finally made the move to Japan, in the most reckless and scary manner possible, without a job or a visa, and it was terrifying, but things are working out and I love it here (although I'll love it a lot more when I'm making all the money).

Myself and Derry celebrated our four year anniversary, our first Mexican Christmas and rang in the new year together, and regardless of how much I tell him I hate him, I honestly couldn't be happier that he's still around.

Special shout out to Jack. In the last year we went from ex-roomies to study buddies to The-Office-watching-pizza-eating-stop-motion-thesis-writing whizkids to yoga partners to next door neighbours with a super-fun trip to London along the way.


"this fashion lark." said...

Lovely blog :) Sounds like you have had a wonderful year!

Johanna said...

what great blog you have! seems like you had very nice last year. Im following! Hope you´ll follow me back ;)


Kb said...

Great roundup! I used to work in Topshop too, i remember the lace dress but it was slightly babydoll in nature and is long gone now (unfortunately). I know they sometimes tweak things each season so I will keep a lookout, or keep checking ebay!