Saturday, October 18, 2008

Knacker drinking.

Knacker drinking is the best shit ever. We have two of the Welshie girls staying my house right now, so we decided to bring them for a night out, Dub-style. Basically, we got some cans and headed out to Dun Laoghaire pier for a couple hours.

For most dublin teens, knacker drinkin was an integral part of growing up. I for one seriously missed out on this phase of development. My ma was super strict until I got to 6th year, and I was barely allowed out of the house. The only times I went on the knack was maybe on halloween a couple times. My point is, I still think it's a big adventure, and I wish it wasn't October. I hate October.

When I started going to the institute in 5th year there was this one pub that we went to on Camden St. It was a complete dive called "Da 2", and every friday for the first month or so of school we would all head over at about 2 in the afternoon, get fuckin locked during happy hour, then I'd usually get home by 8 and tell my mam I was studying after school. Sound.
Unfortunately, our school principal got wind of this and started showing up in the pub on a friday which kind of ruined the buzz, and then the place started getting raided by the police, and eventually shut down, because we were of course all underage, so that was that.

Sixth year came along and I started going to Doran's and 5 years later, it is still pretty much the only place I go. I have serious love for Doran's. I am happy that people have gotten into going there again.

My car is still off the road, two weeks later, cuz my da is too lazy to come and help me tow it. This is something I cannot do by myself no matter how much I'd like to. I didn't leave my house for about a week, but the last few days I have been venturing out on the bus, which at first was the worst thing in the world, but the day before yesterday I had such amazing deja vu. I got off the bus and it was really cold, I was listening to pop-punk, I lit up a cigarette and started heading straight for Heavenly. It actually felt like I had just gone back in time by 3 years, it was so strange. It just sounds stupid now that I've written it down, but at the time I just could not stop smiling.

Stargate SG1 is such a good show.

I shouldn't write blogs when I'm drunk.


pentagrimes said...

ask me for Waterford KnacKer Mafia stories when you see me next. I had it down to a fine art.

Ian Kelly said...

haha jeez i remember when you couldnt walk by heavenly without seeing someone we know.

dumbsticks said...

generally me at heavenly!!