Saturday, October 25, 2008


My sleep cycle, as most of my friends are aware, is completely fucked. I haven't been to bed before 5am or up before 3pm, in weeks. So tonight, when 6am rolled around, and the children's programmes started, I decided tonight is the night that I'm just gonna stay up, to try and knock myself back into a regular routine.

I'm currently watching 50 Cutest Child Stars - All Grown Up. I started watching this purely from lack of anything else on, but it has turned out to be pretty educational.

For example, I just found out that Cory from Boy Meets World and Kevin from The Wonder Years are brothers. What the fuck?? Was this common knowledge among the rest of you? I'm genuinely interested here, so please let me know. Personally, I had no idea.

I was supposed to go see Evil Dead 2 today, which was on as part of the Horrorthon in the IFI, but myself and Derry didn't make it into town on time. I was mega bummed. Seeing your favourite movies on the big screen is awesome. I'm gonna go to Dawn of the Dead on monday, I think. I saw Night of the Living Dead in the IFI this time two years ago.

I am a bit tired at this stage. Probably gonna fall asleep in a while and fuck up my sleep cycle even more. Sigh.


Robb Edge said...

I was still awake at 5 this morning, so I watched Dead Set.

Then I had a dream about zombies.


xChrisx said...

for the recod Dickie Roberts:former child actor is an amazing movie.DO it Do it.