Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I don't have internet anymore which blows. We got cut off for not paying the NTL bill. Life is strange without it.

We're moving out soon which I'm pretty sad about but I'm looking forward to finding a new house. I'm gonna miss Jack and Fry loads.

Myself, Chris and Robb are heading to Japan in one month. We've booked some places to stay and made some plans and I am stupidly excited. Hello Kitty Land!!

I finally got a job. I work in Topshop now, it's a bit mind numbing. Everyone just walks around pretending to look busy and telling each other how cute they look. Its strange, but awesome to have a job again and it pays decent.

So far, summer fucking rules. Lally's thrash party was the best party of all time.

In Time have their first gig at the end of August which is ages away but I'm already terrified.

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pentagrimes said...

hang on, are you actually in In Time?All I knew was Chris and Eddie.

Also, re that party: yes.