Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Every so often I become wildly obsessed with things. Some examples over the last few months have been cooking, kitchen utensils, American Tourister vintage suitcases and working out. Working back throughout the years there was Wonder Woman, pugs, Wallace and Gromit and sheep. To name a few. Some of these are shortlived, some have lasted.

My most recent obsession is with the art of the bento box. I've always been pretty interested in Japanese culture and food (I love food), but my new obsession was triggered by Chris buying me my very own bento box. It is very similar to this one:

He also got me an adorable set of pink chopsticks that come in a little pink polka dot bag. Lovely! Chris rules. I spent about 7 hours yesterday looking at blogs and pictures of bentos and it's mental how much effort people put into the preperation and presentation, and then blog about it every day.

As a result, the main reason I now want a job is so that I can pack awesome bento lunches every day. No longer do I care about combating my boredom or solving my money issues or getting my mum off my back. All I want in life is a reason for a packed lunch. Is that so much to ask?

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xChrisx said...

No it is too much to ask.
I should give you a loan of Face Food.
Its an awesome book.