Saturday, March 5, 2011


I was a lot busier this week, I'm working 3 full days a week now. Working full days again is a bit of a shock to the system, haha. I'm also in pain from sitting on the floor all the time, my body isn't used to it! My coworkers were telling me how you get hemorrhoids from sitting on the floor, and one of them went into graphic detail about her visit to the doctor a few weeks ago due to this affliction. It's funny how open the Japanese are when talking about this kind of thing.

I'm really getting a feel for the place now, although the days seem looong, especially when you're not teaching.
I learned all kinds of cultural shit this week. I learned to never touch anything with my feet, not to sit on tables or to wave at the boss in work, although I can still get away with these kind of things because I'm a silly ignorant gaijin. My school has a blog that they update everyday so check it out, and every so often you can see photos of me looking stupid (eg. 2/3/2011).

Kate and Laser

 My friend Kate had her boyfriend Laser (yes, Laser) visiting from Ohio this week. We went to Koenji with them on Thursday to go record shopping (well, we watched them record shopping) and then we got some kick ass Chinese food. The food was good but the water was an off-putting shade of yellow...

Yummy yummy.

Friday was a busy day, I threw my back out in the morning, which was a nightmare. It took two hours of lying down, 4 strong painkillers, a hot water bottle and a massage from Derry before I could get up again. The pain was ridic, I think it was a trapped muscle or nerve or something.

 Sonoko, Sam the navy man and Giullaume, the teacher I am replacing.

Luckily I recovered in time to go to a work party on Friday evening, that they were throwing because two of the teachers are leaving soon. I tried to get out of it because I'm so broke, but then they informed me that it was also kind of a welcome party for me and that they had booked to go to an Irish bar in my honour, so I HAD to go. It was a good laugh, and I'm really glad I went. The other English teacher is my bessie mate and she brought along her boyfriend and his friend who are US navy men. Most of the people I work with are super nice.

 Mitsuki and me.

It started at 6pm, we had two hours of an open bar, during which I drank an entire bottle of Canadian Club, and got quite messy. There was loads of food also, it just kept on coming. It started with just popcorn and edamame beans, but then came salad, duck, chicken wings, fish and chips, shepherds pie, pizza, sausages, pasta, and some kind of chinese jelly dessert. Between all that and my bottle of whiskey I was ready to burst by the time I left. The Japanese people thought I was INSANE for suggesting we put salt and vinegar on the fish and chips. I had to tell them what's up. I fucking miss salt and vinegar crisps.

Weird Chinese dessert

Fingers is here for the weekend, so I bailed from the work party about 9pm and went to meet up with himself, his mates, Derry, Kate and Laser in Shinjuku. We went to a karaoke bar where I hogged the microphone, and almost killed myself by falling over in the bathroom. Fingers spent a large portion of the time in other peoples karaoke booths. I had to go home at midnight because I had work at 9am the next day, and they all went to a hostess bar after I left. MAD jealous.

I'm going to be working Saturdays every second month, and today was the first time I did so. When I'm in on Saturdays, I teach a special needs class to two little lads with autism. They are a lot of fun, and really enthusiastic. The rest of the day was boring as hell though, because there was only 9 kids in and not a lot to do. We went to the park and to the library which was nice. It was quite sunny today.

Derry and I are thinking of moving gaff. One of the teachers I work with has offered me her apartment. It's a lot cheaper, and it's right beside work, but that means that its a lot further from central Tokyo... Only half an hour by train though so not the end of the world I suppose. I'm torn. I like the size of this house and that we have a roof terrace and stuff, but I'm getting really sick of living with people, haha, and the bills are super high. Decisions, decisions.

People at home are all having dreams about me and Derry which is fucking weird.

I got a postcard from the immigration office telling me that they are FINALLY ready to give me my work visa, so I have to head back out there on Monday and then I can FINALLY get my alien registration card, a bank account, library card, cellphone etc. Yeah, I say cellphone now. Sup. I'm not a tourist no more. Life is good.

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