Saturday, February 26, 2011


This is what Derry's hair looks like when it's not slicked back into his usual quiffy-job. He was really drunk here, he drank a fuckload of red wine that made his teeth go purple. Hawt.

I taught my classes for the first time in work this week. I had the baby class on Tuesday and the older class on Wednesday. It was a bit of a fucking disaster if I'm honest. Teaching is not as easy as it looks. I was a bit disheartened after, but they told me I did grand, so fuck it. As long as I'm not fired.

I got this teacher profile to fill out. I don't know what to write. When I worked in Topshop all the staff had one of these kind of things hanging up in the back room, I even remember getting my photo taken for it, but for some reason I never did one. I got overlooked somehow. Oh well.

I got my first paycheck, which didn't amount to much because I only worked 8 half days this month, it doesn't even cover my rent, but I should have enough money in the bank to scrape by til the end of March, and then we're laughin. This months bills were stupidly high and my bankcard doesn't seem to be working, so that's got me in a really bad mood. Ugh, 4 more weeks and then no more money troubles. Hopefully, ever.

It was really warm on Friday, about 20C. Derry, being the legend that he is, made a big breakfast for us to eat on the roof. It was pretty delightful, except that it got really windy which made the coffee go cold really fast and my pancakes almost blew away.

Pictured is a salad, a bowl of noodles, inari, tofu, my apple, and a big pot of coffee of course. Not pictured are my pancakes. Mmmm, pancakes...

After breakfast we got the train to Kichijoji which is a western suburb quite near to us. We really like Kichijoji, it's got a really nice park and interesting shops, but yesterday we just went on a mission to find Kaldi Coffee Farm which is an awesome import store. It smells amazing, because it sells loads of coffee beans, obv, among other things, and it's a fair bit cheaper than other import stores. We picked up some tortilla wraps and two varieties of tabasco sauce, I got my favourite jalapeno, and Der got chipotle.

Then we decided to grab a coffee, so we went for a wander to look for a coffee shop. We stumbled across a basement cafe called Coffee Hall. It was cool, a bit like a dungeon, the menus were made of wood with leather pages. We couldn't understand the menu at all so we just ordered two hot coffees. 630 fucking yen each. Gaaah. That's €5.60 just so ya know. This does not adhere to our frugal lifestyle. You'd swear we are made of money.

Here's me trying to smile even though I just drank away my budget for dinner in 5 minutes. I FUCKING LOVE SMOKING INDOORS.

So yeah, all in all, a pretty boring week. I spent a large portion of it working on this jigsaw that Laila sent me. It's a fucking cunt. I only have about 45 pieces of sky left, but it's impossible, because not only are all the pieces almost the exact same colour, but they all KIND of fit together so process of elimination doesn't really work. I hate it. Thaaaanks Laila.

A shitty, boring week. I don't know why I'm bothering to blog about it. I think if I skip a week I'll probably never update this again, and I'll have to start telling everyone individually how things are going, and that would just be annoying. Hopefully this week will be better. Fingers crossed.

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