Monday, November 29, 2010

Birthday weekend

I turned 24 this weekend. It was weird, it didn't feel like my birthday at all. Firstly I suppose because I'm getting a bit old to be making a whopper deal out of my birthday, but also just because I knew it wasn't going to be like it would be at home. No mates means no presents, no party, haha.

Me and Der still had a class time though. We went to the zoo on friday and saw all the animals. It's quite cheap to go to the zoo here, tickets are only a fiver, a yearly pass is about €20 and they have three days a year where it's just free admission for everyone. Which is class. Defo want to go back because the giant panda exhibit was closed for renovations and I was dying to see the panda! Had to make do with these guys.

On the way home I bought myself some birthday pyjamas including lovely matching neck scarf.

Derry got me my very own leopardprint TV blanket. All my close friends know how I feel about my blankies, well this is a blanky with sleeves. Incredible. I will never be cold again.

We went into Shinjuku that night and got hella locked. I ate about 2 dinners in a mexican bar (mexican is hard to come by here) and got too drunk to go bowling, which was the intended plan for the night. I wore my gown because it was my birthday and I felt like being fancy.

On Saturday we went to Shibuya to meet Sean Lugosi, which was a mega fail, because as previously mentioned, we don't have a phone and we're really bad at meeting up with people. Shibuya fucking rules for shopping. There is two department stores called 109 an 109(2). They are incredible. Something like 9 floors of delightful Tokyo fashions. And not that expensive!
I bought myself a couple of birthday presents including this Hello Kitty bow tie (so I can be like Chuck Bass)...

...and this tartan scarf.

Oh I like tartan. I didn't bring my camera to Shibuya which I regretted, as per usual, but it's so fucking awkward and heavy that sometimes I don't want to bring it. Also, I hate looking like a tourist.

One million puppies.

Yesterday (Sunday), we went to Yoyogi park and Harajuku. Yoyogi park is fun to go walking in because there are people dancing and busking and having a laugh and there are a million doggies all wearing their sunday best.

Me and Derry spent most of our time flipping each other off.

Again, notice the t-shirt in the middle of winter.

After our stroll in the park, we went shopping in
Harajuku, so I could buy myself EVEN MORE birthday presents: a new pair of Vans, and a pair of vintage Levis, that I don't have a picture of.

You can't QUITE see how hairy my legs are in this photo which is good.

I'll leave you with this photo of Derry blowing smoke rings at me. Notice the smoking indoors. Delightful. All in all good birthday weekend, which could have only been made better by the company of my dearly missed friends at home. Love yall xxx

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