Saturday, November 20, 2010

So! We moved into our house yesterday. We are staying a place called Nakano, which seems like a fun area. It is also near Koenji, where we walked to last night. We walked around for two and a half hours just looking at things. My feet HURT afterwards. I haven't taken any photos outside the house yet, brought my camera for a walk today but forgot my memory card. Disaster!

Here I am on the roof terrace of our house posing unkowingly beside a big pylon. (Notice that I'm only wearing a t-shirt in the middle of November. LOL@YOU, IRELAND.)

Roof terrace again, with a Derry thrown in.

Here are some photos of our room! It is pretty big by Japanese standards.
Our couch/fridge/desk:

Bed and television!

Lots of closet space for all my clothes :)
It is a sharehouse, so we share a kitchen, living room and two bathrooms with some other dudes. There is 5 of them I think, but I've only met two. They seem nice! People seem to keep to themselves in their rooms most of the time.

We haven't done a whole lot since we got here except to go for walks. We have to try and be very careful with our money until we get jobs. Lucky my favourite shops here are the convenience stores and 100Yen shops.

I will hopefully take loads of photos soon of the area and whatnot. Maybe not today. I'm so tired all the time, I'm not sleeping amazingly well and I'm still jetlagged so I keep waking up at 4am which is annoying. Hopefully I'll get into the swing of things soon.


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