Sunday, November 21, 2010

First gig in Tokyo.

So last night we went to see Gauze and some other bands in a venue called Roots in Koenji. Derry got told about it by the lad who released the Tunguska record over here a while back. At about half 6 we heard the venue had reached capacity (early show) but we headed down anyway to see if we could get in. Which we did, no probs.
It was 20,000Y on the door, which is roughly €18, this included a drink ticket. Apparently this is quite a regular price for a gig, but I was pretty bitter about it. If we had gotten tickets in advance it would have been 1500Y with no drink ticket.
The gig was on in a tiny square room absolutely crammed with people, we think maybe 80? It would have been the most horrible sweaty thing ever except that the room was really well air conditioned. Deeeelightful. People went absolutely wild for Gauze, which was awesome.

There was 5 whiteys in the room, myself and Der, a guy in a drug free youth shirt, and randomly enough, Penke (one of the lads from Fashion) and his girlfriend whose name I can't remember.


After the gig, Penke and girlfriend were going out with some of their japanese friends for a drink and we tagged along. First we got brought to a rehearsal space and watched some band practice for a bit which was mad random.

Sneaky photo in the rehearsal room.

Then we all went for food and beers. One of the Japanese guys called So has offered to be our tour guide this week, he said he'll bring us to gigs and show us the sights, and he wants us to come to Osaka in a few weeks for some fest. I dunno how many gigs we'll be able to afford to go to for the next while though considering we need to make our money last as long as possible and we spent a stupid amount last night.

So and Derry

The girls name is Minako, can't remember the rest.

I apologise for the terrible photos, I was drunk.

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