Sunday, November 28, 2010


Strolling through Koenji.

After bumping into Penke last week, we arranged to meet him and his girlfriend Kate to hang out. Unfortunately we were all very drunk when we made these, and Derry and I don't have a working phone, which resulted in Penke and Kate waiting at Nakano station, and Derry and I waiting at Mc Donalds in Koenji. We are really bad at meeting up with people. Whoopsy. So anyway, once we realised that we weren't going to be meeting the others, we went strolling again.

Village Vanguard - Exciting bookstore!

Koenji is such a cool area. There are vintage stores everywhere, with the best vintage clothes I have ever seen. Which are unfortunately, very expensive, but it's fun to browse, expecially when there are such beautiful things.

Aggressive Leather Shop....and Meat! What a name. It had some of the
nicest vintage leathers I've ever seen. No meat though...

This shop was called Slut :)

There are also lots of antique and secondhand stores. These are a little bit more fun because they are actually affordable! There are a good few 700Y used shops, where everything in the shop costs 700Yen or less and some of them are the kind of shops where everything is in piles and you have to get in and have a rummage to find the good stuff, which I enjoy.

700Y shop - about €6.50.

Koenji is also known to be a "punk" area and it's where there are a lot of gigs and venues and record stores and tattoo parlours. We found a shop that pretty much just sold vintage band t-shirts which was rad, there is a Municipal Waste and a Minor Threat shirt that I really want.

This guy was terrifying. He stood at the entrance of Booby Trap,
a skate and rock store with a million Black Flag posters on the front door.

Derry and the Christmas Colonel.

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