Saturday, November 22, 2008


Choke 6/10

Today was my first cinema trip in a while. I don't have my unlimited card since my wallet got stolen, which is ruining my life. I miss going to the cinema, it is one of my fucking fave things to do.

Anyway, this movie is based on a book by Chuck Palahniuk. I absolutely loved this book, but as is quite frequently the case, the film just doesn't do it justice.

I can only describe it as lacking. There were so many parts that could have been done so much better and they just seemed to skim over them. Also, there wasn't nearly enough riding. The book is just so much more depraved.

I love Sam Rockwell and I thought he was a pretty good choice for the role of sex-addict, Victor Mancini. I totally would like. And Anjelica Huston is awesome, I fucking love her, mainly because she's in most of Wes Anderson's movies, but also cuz I fucking LOVED her as Morticia Addams when I was younger.

Although this movie was a weak adaptation of the book, it was still entertaining as a movie in its own right. I did enjoy it.

Today has been good for hangouts.

Currently listening to: Will Smith - Men In Black. Fuck yeeeeeah.


pentagrimes said...

there isn't actually that much riding in the book boss. "Snuff" is much further up the ladder of depravity.

please tell me they haven't removed the whole stone collecting thing in the movie version.I'll be very,very annoyed.

I'm also probably gonna be sick if the bit with the beads is actually in there.

Robb Edge said...

I was also very disappointed. They just glossed over stuff like the masturbation addiction and the stone collecting.

It almost felt like they were embarrassed about making reference to the love beads too.