Monday, November 10, 2008

It's been days.

I had a bit of a family buzz today. My mam has been sound enough to let me use her car about recently, a Landrover Freelander. It is a fucking beast of a car. Anyway, to keep her sweet, I helped her out today by amusing my little sister all day and then going home to help my bro write an irish essay.

I like hanging out with my little sister, Alannah, apart from the fact that I can't smoke in front of her. I brought her into town and we went to see High School Musical 3 in the cinema. She is a big HSM fan, and an even bigger Zach Effron fan. Things that creeped me out: Alannah telling me she thought it was hot when Zach Effron took off his top. Alannah telling me she thought it was hot when Zach Effron was all sweaty. Alannah being almost as tall as me (I'm 5'8"). The girl at the desk almost not believing me that Alannah was young enough for a child ticket. Did I mention that she is only 11 years old?

It scares me how much my brother and sister have grown up the last couple of years. I've been living out of home for about 3 years now, and to be honest, I don't have very much time for my family. There was a stage when every time I went home, Alannah would leg it over to give me a hug, and she would always wanna talk to me on the phone when I wasn't around and basically thought I was the bee's knees. It's really not like this anymore. She doesn't even bother turning her head away from the tv to say hi to me anymore. It's depressing and I know it's all my fault.

On a more posi note, I went over to Number 208 Lower Kimmage Road which is the new residence of my good friend Christopher and his new roomies, Eddie and The Skunk. It is a nice gaff! It's made me wanna move again, even though I hate moving and all the hassle it involves. It's so exciting moving into a new place, especially when it's nice and you're moving in with your mates. I really like their gaff and they are gonna see me a lot cuz I'm totally a person for overstaying my welcome. Me and The Skunk are friends now. I won him over with a yummy dinner and now he said I have to go to Warren St. with him for Winesday, even if Derry's not going, which is shocking. I never ever ever go to Warren St. without Derry. Except for when we had the girly sleepover. Which ruled. We watched the Craft.

Simon was over for most of this week which was cool, he is a good dude. We all went to the tattoo convention last night which was the biggest waste of €15 ever. But I drove Lally home which led to much awesome Backstreet Boy's singalongs.

The night before was Darragh's toga party which was AWESOME. Best party in a long time. I am a big fan of costume parties, I hate when people don't bother to dress up. My toga ruled and I am sad I don't have a proper picture of it.

This blog is just loads of crap fucking rambling. I hate these kinds of blogs.

Currently listening to : The new Crowd Control recordings!

Over and out.