Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Assume the position

After four months of looking for a job, I was finally given a days work, through a temping agency I signed up for about a month ago. I deal with a woman there who phoned me loads last week saying how she wanted to get me working as soon as possible, which I would have believed if she hadn't waited for 3 weeks after my interview before bothering to check my references.

The last four months have been pretty hard. When I found out I was going to be taking the year out from college, I was quite confident I would snap up a full-time job pretty sharpish. It was not to be. I was not prepared for the job-front to be so bleak. I don't get why people don't hire me. I really don't. I've got experience in everything. It's obvious my C.V. is fatally flawed but I just don't know which part. I've been dying of boredom, and every so often I get pretty down and just can't bring myself to get off the couch. I hate feeling useless, but I do feel this way a lot of the time.

So anyhoo, I get a call yesterday offering me two days in some pharmaceutical company so I obv say YEAH. I awoke this morning at 9am, the very time at which I was supposed to be starting work. Panic ensued. I literally almost vomited. After moping and moaning about not having a job for so long, there's finally a little light at the end of the tunnel, but I manage to royally fuck up day one. I FAIL AT LIFE AND JOBS. Or so I thought...

Luckily Robb was outside my house and drove me into town as fast as he could. SO I finally get in just under 40 minutes late. I had spoken to my recruitment agency lady in the meantime, who told me to chill out and stop running in case I hurt myself. This was good advice as I was wearing heels because my pants were too long and my feet hurt I looked like a fuckin dope. I went inside expecting a frosty reception, but instead, the woman who I was taking over from saw how flustered I was, gave me a fiver and told me to go to Butlers next door, buy myself a hot chocolate, chill out and come back in 15 mins. I WAS GOBSMACKED. I have never been rewarded for fucking up before! (Except for when shit got so bad at home that my parents said they'd pay my rent if I moved out. That was the best thing that ever happened me).

Even the recruitment lady didn't really mind and gave me two more days work for next week. Sound! I don't know if people are just feeling the christmas spirit or what, but shit went well for me today.

I finished my christmas shopping which is brill, except that I never actually got anything for any of my family, except a High School Musical calender for my lil sis cuz she's into that kind of thing. I really really hope Derry likes his presents. I got him a load of stuff, but none of it is that great. I had so much fun wrapping all of it though.

Have Heart played here last night which you can read about in pretty much everybody else's blogs. All the lads in the band were sound as fuck, and it was also cool to see J.D. again who came over with them. So many people come through our house, and so many have been forgotten, having not made any kind of impact, but he was one of the people that we got on really well with. The same can be said for Flynner. He's one of the people that if I see again, I will have the chats and not just recognise as some lad who stayed in my house one time.

Have Heart are not my favouritest band, but I enjoy some of their tunes and the show was killer overall. There was just such an awesome atmosphere at it. I fell in love with hardcore shows when we saw Terror, Blacklisted and Donnybrook in the Underworld in London in Jan '06, and have travelled abroad for many more, but nothing compares to gigs in our own hometown and I like that I can play a small part in helping out, even if it is just giving the bands a place to stay, sometimes a lift, and if they're sound, acting as a tour guide.

I know everyone else is shiting on about it aswell, but Dublin is pretty awesome right now. Not that I've ever really thought it wasn't. For the past 5 years I've been surrounded by some pretty fuckin cool people to go to gigs with and have the laugh, and I love this fucking city. I know I'm fucking off for the summer, but that has nothing to do with not wanting to be here, but rather just wanting to experience somewhere else while I have the opportunity. I visited so many awesome places this year but you can't get to know a place in a few days. I learned this summer that three months is a very short time, and also that the years are starting to zip by.
Now that I've actually got some work coming in I can start to pay off my flights and junk. Sound.

Currently: listening to Disfear and wishing I had season 3 of Arrested Development.

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