Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What the fuck is this!!

On Monday about 30 of us from dublin piled into some cars and drove down to galway. You can read about this in pretty much everybody elses blogs. I'm not gonna say to much about it.
I'm just gonna mention some things that always spring to mind for me when going on a road trip.

First off.

Quality tunes. Do not mistake for good music. You gotta have some quality tunes for a good road trip. One of my favourite driving albums is Millenium by the Backstreet Boys, and listening to this is doubled in greatness by having Laura Wallace sitting beside me helping me belt out all the bits ie. the spanish guitar, the slammin' solos, sound effects and all the rest.
Actually when you've got Laura Wallace, it's good to throw on the Mongoloids as the vocals seem to send her off in to an absolute fit of hysterics, which amusing for everybody else.

I don't know what it is but I am seriously scared of overtaking people. Waiting for an opportunity where you think a car isn't going to come hurtling at you head-first is obviously very important. I don't know if anyone else gets this, but I get a total rush of adrenaline and experience pure fear while overtaking. It's fucking terrifying. On the drive back from Galway, Gajb caught up with us while I was trying to overtake a bus. A FUCKING BUS. I got around it after about ten minutes, and Gajb followed straight after but he seemed to have more trouble actually getting past the bus. It seemed like he was driving beside it, on the wrong side of the road, for fucking ages. I freaked the fuck out, especially when I saw a car coming towards us in the distance. Pure fear.

I was told on the drive back from Galway that every time I approached a roundabout, I kept saying "WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS??". I obviously know what a roundabout is, and have been encountering them as a driver for over a year, and a person for 22 years. Although I did receive one blue mark for my roundabout etiquette in my driving test. But when its dark out and you've been driving all day, and you can't see because there's no water left to clean the window and all the dirt has been smeared across it by your wipers, and you're doing your best to stay on the road, roundabouts are a total hassle. In my new car the bit of the windshield frame on my right hand side blocks exactly where I need to see when going around a roundabout, which is frustrating to say the least.

Stuff about Galway:

I have been to Galway so many times over the last ten years, and I have driven there at least three times this year, and like to think I know the city really well, but every time I get there I immediately forget which way I'm supposed to go.
Once I hit Eyre square and familiar territory, I'm ok again for a while, but I'd never been down to the Roisín Dubh before. When we decided to go from the venue to La Salsa, I immediately decided to go with my keen sense of direction and my confidence that I know galway pretty well, and led the way for Wally and Jack. Unfortunately I ended up taking us on a 25 minute loop around the town in the freezing cold, to reach a destination that should have only taken approx. 6 minutes to walk to. Jack hates me.

La Salsa:
Fuck this place is awesome. I thought there was only the one, but apparently there are three of them open in Galway now. They do the best burritos EVEERRRR. Mexican food fucking rules.

I only got into mexican food this year, and fuck, I WAS MISSING OUT. I made some fucking kick ass tacos today for myself, Tom Smalley and Derry, they were SO GOOD. I even got minced beef because I wanted to experience some yummy cow before this whole meat crisis turns me into a vegetarian.

I've been getting really sick this week. It started on tuesday at verse and has been getting worse ever since. I feel like my brain is trying to escape through my eyeballs.

I hate Verse even more now. They are so messy, they used every possible pot, pan, utensil and plate that we own and left it all for me to clean up. They kept turning the fucking fire on even though I asked them not to because you can't turn it off when it's been on too long. And their music is a big boring pile of wank. Fuck Verse. The German dude they had with them was the soundest dude ever though.

There was a rainbow around the moon last night. It was freaky. My neck hurt from staring at it for so long. Moan, moan, moan, pain, pain.

Derry has abandoned me for the weekend so come hang out with me.

Currently watching some fucking stupid comedian on the tv who is not funny in any way and I hope he fucking dies.


Kayleigh said...

i am also abandoned, and andy left me with a going away present: EXTREME SICKNESS!!!i want to die. the end.

Lally said...

FUCK OFF BOTH OF YOU I'M SINGLE AND ALONE. but i have my health i guess.
anyway your blog is funny lolo :)
i love laughing at the mongolids.

Graham said...

My little baby is only a 1.0 litre and had 5 people on board. Result = not fast :(
You and your nice new car can go fast! Freakin' people out though is fun.