Monday, December 8, 2008

Beware: Foot content

Ok, I'm sure none of you will actually want to see this but for some reason I feel compelled to share. Look at the absolute state of my foot:

Yes, I am aware that my foot is quite hideous in any case, and I could defo have touched up the nail varnish just for the occasion, but fuck it. LOOK AT ALL THOSE BRUISES. I think there is 8 or 9 all together. There is only 3 on my other foot so I'm not arsed posting a pic.

The cause for such tragic injuries is due to one hell of a good week. It all began with some serious foot-smushage at Ceremony last sunday, and was followed up this weekend with Municipal Waste on Friday and Dirty Money on Saturday.

Municipal Waste. FUCK, this was a fun show. Iron Lung were also really good but I was far too inebriated to properly appreciate them.
As a general rule, I don't really like drinking at shows. Never have, unless I don't particularly like any of the bands playing, but in which case I would usually just not go to the gig. But anyhoo, I decided I kinda had to get trollied for MW, just because, ya know... It's Municipal Waste. Also I had the worst day EVER leading up to the gig and needed a bit of mind numbing. Hurrah! Nothing quite like drinking your problems away while rocking out to some quality thrash.

Anyway, MW's set was fucking insane. The crowd was just full of Fibber's type big sweaty metal dudes going absolutely nuts all over the place. So much horrible curly hair in my mouth. I came out of there barely alive and covered in beer and other peoples sweat. Don't get me wrong, it was quality. I was sad they didn't have the boogie board because it would have worked out a lot better this time, unlike last time when it was just perched precariously on top of approx. 10 dudes who kind of carried it around a bit.

I was seriously broke, so I cashed in my bus refund tickets from 2 years ago (€26, fuck yeah!) to be able to afford a ticket, smuggled in a shoulder of vodka, lovely Wallace bought me a drink and I managed to convince darling Robb to buy me a shirt because it was still my birthday for ten more days ago.

I don't like spending ages just talking about being really drunk, but fuckin hell I was such a mess that night. After the gig I got this intense craving that I really, really wanted McDonalds more than anything in life, so I abandoned everybody, wandered on down O'Connell St, took out my emergency €20 (the last few euro to my name), went into Maccy D's,and got myself a large meal, brought it over to a table, sat down, and proceeded to eat all the leftover food that was on the table (2 chicken nuggets and some fries) before tucking into my own meal. I think this officially makes me a hobo. My Maccy's experience was not pleasant in any case, some aul chap shouted at me and threw a Burger King straw at me which I found totally mind-boggling because I thought for a second that I had actually been in Burger King all this time, and possibly lost my mind completely.
I eventually managed to compose myself and went back out to O'Connell St for some more wandering, where I quickly bumped into Derry and Jack, which was very handy.
We continued on down to Charlies 1 on Westmoreland St. I almost got in a fight with some girls outside but Derry quickly shoved me into Charlies. As soon as I got there, I immediately forgot that I had already eaten all the food ever, and demanded Derry by me another meal, which worked out well because Jack bought both Derry and himself a 3in1, quickly followed by a second round of 3in1s. At which stage all 3 of us almost exploded from too much food and we went on home, although I have absolutely zero recollection of the journey.

I spent most of Saturday on the couch, hanging out and watching the entire series 2 of Black Books.

Dirty Money arrived in the afternoon and within 15 seconds of stepping in the front door, LITERALLY before any of them had even taken there coats off, they started a YouTube party. This did not bode well with me, so I spent most of my time hiding in the other room. I don't know if yall know how I feel about YouTube parties. Not into it, basically. So I didn't actually talk to any of them until we were in the van heading townward, but they turned out to be really sound blokes.

The gig was quality. I must say, I really like the Temple and I hope there are more gigs on there in the future. Rehabilitate were fuckin hilarious, I always enjoy a bit of Ended and Find A Way are my 2nd fave Dublin band and they always deliver.

It was awesome to finally see Dirty Money properly, because seeing the last 5 mins of their set in London last june didn't really count. They were class! It was also cool that so many english people came over for the show. Picked up the Cold Snap record, which is really fucking good.

Afterwards we hit up Doran's which was loads fun. I am a straight up Doran's fan for life. Danced like a maniac with all the English dudes and all my Irish girls. And a Kiwi. Robb got his head kind of puked on. Ate a foot long subway because apparently my stomach just cannot be filled.
Ended up being the designated driver and spent two hours driving around the fuckin city, but I didn't really mind, Chris gave me a lend of his quality youth crew anthems mix cd that the lovely Posi-Jen made for him which made for some good listening, and I ended up going home with more money than I went out with.

Forgot to mention that the lovely Holly Dale and Simon Erl are visiting again aswell as the legendary Tom Smalley. Apparently I give everybody titles now. Anyway, it means good hangouts and good times, even though everybody has been calling me grumpy today. Probably because I am pretty grumpy I suppose, but I think I'm just tired from a long party-filled weekend. I will be sad when Holly and Simon leave us again tomorrow. Always coming and going. Sigh. But Tom is around for the whole week, and it should be a super fun week, starting out with road trip to Galway tomorrow! Galway is my favourite place in Ireland and its been to long since I've been down there, so I'm real excited even though I couldn't give a fuck about Verse.

I can type really fucking fast.

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