Wednesday, December 24, 2008


This time of year usually gets me pretty down, but I have to say I'm feeling pretty festive right now. I think the main thing I don't like about christmas is the massive build-up, but I haven't felt that this year. Probably because I haven't had any money to buy presents and therefore didn't have the huge stress of christmas shopping on my shoulders.

I'm looking forward to going home because over the last year my family relationships have gotten seriously good. I've finally learned how to talk to and deal with my mother without losing my temper, my lil brother has hit his teens and has finally gotten a bit sound, my older brother has started treating me like an actual person and we've actually become friends over the last few months. It's pretty cool.

I also know that when I want do eventually want to escape in the evening that I can just hop in my car and go see Derry, and then go back to my own house and hang out with friends, which is cool. I spent so many christmases trapped in my house with nobody to hang out with, being forced to go to mass and having a shit time, but I have a feeling tomorrow's gonna be awesome.

I hope you all have a great christmas!