Saturday, December 13, 2008

Science fiction

Judge Dredd was just on E4. What a fucking quality movie! Sylvester Stallone is fucking awesome. There's nothing better than a good ol' futuristic dystopia movie.

Watching this got me to thinking about how much I fucking love science fiction movies. I probably prefer sci-fi to horror these days which is saying a lot as I FUCKING LOVE HORROR MOVIES.
Here is, in my opinion, off the top of my head, some of the best science fiction movies of all time. I may have got some of the decades wrong but how and ever.

Planet of the Apes (only saw this for the first time a couple of months ago, SO good)

Star Wars Ep. IV
Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Some of the best sci-fi movies came outta the 80's:
The Abyss
Back to the Future
Earth Girls are Easy (useless movie but Jeff Goldblum and Jim Carrey are total rides in it)
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back AND Return of the Jedi
The Running Man
Short Circuit
The Fly

Judge Dredd
Total Recall
Men In Black (fuckin yeah, this initiated my love for pugs)
Mars Attacks
Independence Day
THE FIFTH ELEMENT (def in my top ten fave movies ever)
The Faculty

The rest of the Star Wars movies
Minority Report
A Scanner Darkly (not extremely science-fictiony but based on a novel by Philip K. Dick)
War of the Worlds (I didn't see the original)
Solaris (same again)
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
Donnie Darko

That's all I can think of right now.

My fave science fiction books are the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series, the Man in the High Castle annnnd 1984. I have yet to see the 1984 movie, although I did see the last 5 mins of it on tv the other day. Dang.

There is a whole rake of quality sci-fi tv shows. Robb has been telling me for quite a while that I should watch Battlestar Gallactica. He says I would absolutely love it. And part of me knows that I probably would. Also, I saw a while ago on t'internet that it rated the second best science fiction tv show of all time. Maybe I will get round to watching it soon.

When I was in Seattle this summer I got to go to the Science Fiction Museum which was fucking amaaazing. I got given out to for trying to take photos though. The second time the dude caught me he said he'd confiscate my camera but I managed to convince him not to.
They had the original model of the Death Star, with working lights and junk and an explanation of how they made it. There was all kinds of costumes and weapons from sci-fi movies and tv programs.

There was also a robot exhibition which was so cool! I LOVE robots. Here's a photo of R2D2.

They also had C3P0, the T1000 mask that Robert Patrick wore in Terminator 2, Johnny 5, the robot from Lost In Space, Darth Vader, and a whole heap of others.

They also had a science fiction hall of fame honouring legendary sci-fi writers and directors like Philip K. Dick, George Lucas, Ridley Scott and H.G. Wells.

Here's a picture of some of the masks used in the Coneheads movie!

One of the coolest things about it was that the majority of things in the museum were donated from some families personal collection. I want a fucking amazing personal collection of sci-fi junk!

I want a gaff like the dad from Benchwarmers, with all kinds of robots and junk, only I'm not actually a massive nerd and I'm not going to make millions. I'm not a nerd. Not like some of the nerds I saw in the sci-fi museum. One absloute chump, it seemed, had brought a girl there on a date. He was dragging her round from one exhibit to the next, getting really stupidly excited about each one and telling her all about it, and she actually looked like she wanted to slit her wrists. I'm not a nerd like that. Although I do kind of want to go on a J1 to Seattle and work in this place.

Currently watching Stargate SG1. Best show.

Edit: Coincidentally enough, after I published this blog I realised that the original Solaris was on Film Four. Unfortunately because it is in Russian, and I am mega tired, I kept drifting off to sleep and missed loads of it. Making it much like the new Solaris actually, because the soundtrack of that movie sends me right to sleep and the first time I watched it I couldn't make head nor tails of it because I kept taking naps. Bedtime.


Joebreaker said...

Tilk is one hard bastard.

Graham said...

Seattle = amazing.
Do it.

Ruthie said...

i love your blogs, they're always mad fun to read :)

xChrisx said...

SG! rules.Anything Richard Dean Anderson is associated with rules hard!